What is SantaCon? It's your chance to be Santa!

The concept is quite simple: Everyone dresses up like Santa and spreads joy. For years, SantaCon has taken place all over the world, but for Brussels this is the first time.

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SantaCon Brussels will take place in the centre of town at the Christmas Market (Plaisirs d'Hiver), starting at the Ferris Wheel and ending at the Grand Place, with several stops to warm up along the way. We will try to stick to a schedule, but that will depend on the number of Santas.

Livraison sapin de Noel

Get Ready
All you need is a Santa costume, a clear schedule for the evening, and some holiday spirit - and only one of these requires planning in advance.

As you can see from the photos on this site, looking the part is key, so please check out our tips on on Santa Style before coming out into the cold.

The Rules for Santas
Like football, Scrabble, and other reindeer games, the SantaCon experience is made all the more merry by certain rules. Our full Santa Code is here, but these four rules are paramount:

Don't Mess With Kids.
Children love Santa, and we don't want to spoil that. Say "Ho, Ho, Ho!" and wish them a Merry Christmas!
Don't Mess With Cops.
The police already have their hands full with tourists looking for the Grand Place. Be respectful.
Don't Mess With Security.
Again, these folks are busy enough. Remember: What would Santa do?
Don't Mess With Santa.
That means "no Santa left behind." If another Santa gets into trouble, be sure that Santa stays with the group or gets home safely.

Any questions?
Please send us an email if you have any questions that aren't answered by our FAQ page.

Thanks to all who attended the first annual SantaCon Brussels on December 16th, 2010. Find links to videos and pictures below!

2010 video & pics

Click here to see photos – or email yours to Santa!